Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

At Metrolab, we understand the importance of every step in the manufacturing and installation of MRI systems.

We guide you from magnet design to on-site installation. Our custom magnetometers are tailored to your specifications for developing new MRI magnets.

Commercial magnetometers assist in MRI manufacturing and installation by facilitating site location, field ramp-up monitoring, shimming, and isogaussian line mapping.

Our goal is to streamline your journey to exceptional MRI solutions.

Our references

Homogeneity: The Key to Quality Imaging

To achieve high-quality MRI images, the target area’s magnetic field must be extremely homogeneous. Our clients, MRI manufacturers, measure the magnetic field using magnetic field cameras developed by Metrolab.

Mapping for Shimming

This measurement helps identify where to tune the magnet during the Shimming process. We design our magnetometers to accompany you through all phases of an MRI magnet’s life, from conception to installation.

Probe Arrays

The magnetic field camera, standard for all global MRI magnet manufacturers, allows simultaneous measurement of over 1000 points in minutes, ensuring optimal precision in the Shimming process.

Real-Time Field Tracking

During the ramp-up of superconducting magnets, the magnetic field camera offers exceptional accuracy in determining the exact point where the specified field is reached. Similarly, it enables monitoring field decay in real-time, ensuring measurements are taken only when the field is stable, avoiding premature or late interventions that could compromise result quality and unnecessarily extend production time.

Mapping Isogaussian Lines

Our specially designed three-axis Hall magnetometer allows installation and safety technicians to map isogaussian lines, including the 5-gauss line. Lightweight and easy to use, it provides reliable readings of the entire magnetic field, accurately marking the area where the field strength exceeds specified safety limits.

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