NMR Spectroscopy

At Metrolab, we excel in high-precision magnetic measurement solutions, harnessing the power of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR).

What could be more relevant than characterizing a magnet designed for NMR spectroscopy using the same technology?

We have specially developed probes capable of measuring beyond 25 Teslas. For precise and rapid mapping, our robotic system skilfully moves the probe within the magnet.

In pursuit of efficiency, we also offer networks of NMR probes, accelerating the characterization process to deliver results more easily and quickly.

Our references

Homogeneity: The Key to Quality Spectral Analysis

To obtain high-precision measurements in NMR spectroscopy, the consistency and homogeneity of the magnetic field are essential. Our clients, NMR spectrometer manufacturers, use Metrolab’s magnetic measurement systems to assess and adjust the magnetic field.

Mapping for Adjustment

Precise mapping of the magnet’s magnetic field allows for identifying necessary adjustments in the shimming process to ensure optimal performance.

Our magnetometers are designed to accompany every stage of an NMR spectrometer magnet’s lifecycle, from design to installation.

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