For OEM Integrators

Custom-made at Metrolab comes in various forms.

On one hand, we design unique instruments to meet your specific needs precisely. On the other hand, we tailor our standard instruments to meet specifications. We are also capable of providing small batches that you can integrate into your own products. Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

We are eager to tackle new challenges, whether developing bespoke instruments or adapting our existing products to meet your particular requirements.

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Integrate our solutions into your products

Our commitment translates into designing and customizing magnetometers according to our clients’ specific needs.

Whether your project involves measuring ever-higher magnetic fields, assessing increased volumes, or needing specialized probes to reach inaccessible corners, our dedicated team works closely with you to turn your concepts into reality.

Explore the customized solutions that Metrolab offers to support your quest for innovation in the field of magnetic measurement.

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