Calibration and repair

At Metrolab, quality in manufacturing and calibration is of paramount importance, in line with ISO17025 standards and Swiss excellence.

Metrolab offers calibration solutions, essential for guaranteeing optimum accuracy.

To calibrate a magnetometer, one usually has the choice between using an expensive and complicated reference magnet, or outsourcing the service, which Metrolab offers for its products, with ISO 17025 certification.

This calibration is based on comparing the instrument’s readings with references, often high-quality permanent magnets, whose magnetic field is measured with an NMR teslameter acting as a secondary standard.

Metrolab also innovates by offering the possibility of self-calibration, thanks to ultra-compact permanent magnets with integrated correction coils, enabling the field to be regulated with NMR precision.

Recognized as a leader in magnetic field measurement technologies, Metrolab supplies solutions used by numerous calibration and metrology laboratories.

Calibration is an essential process for ensuring the accuracy and reliability of your magnetic field measurements.

At Metrolab, we offer you a quality calibration service, compliant with ISO/IEC 17025, which guarantees traceability of your results to national or international standards.

We calibrate our instruments using a specially designed calibration bench, which compares the instrument’s reading to a high-precision reference. We recommend that you calibrate your instruments every 12 or 18 months, depending on the instrument, or more often if you use them in harsh conditions.

Find out how we calibrate our instruments, and how to request a calibration service.


Calibration of magnetometers – Scope of ISO17025.

  • Calibration of magnetometers covering static magnetic fields from 1 mT to 30 T
  • Calibration of magnetometers for AC fields from 100 µT to 8 mT
  • Static magnetic field generator from 1 mT to 30 T
  • AC magnetic field generator from 100 µT to 8 mT
  • Determination of effective magnetic surface according to Faraday’s law (0.01 m^2 – 10 m^2)

Calibration of Metrolab magnetometers.

Metrolab has been calibrating all the instruments it has produced since 1985.

Calibration of PT2026, PT2025, MFC2046, MFC3045, FDI2056 is recommended every 12 months.

Calibration of THM1176-LF, THM1176-MF or TFM1186 is recommended every 18 months.

During our batch calibration weeks, scheduled for weeks 10, 24, 37 and 48 of each year, we offer calibration of your instruments up to 3 T at a reduced cost.

MFC9046 standardization.

For MFC9046 magnetic field NMR cameras, normalization plays an essential role in correcting potential deviations due to magnetic susceptibility and other factors specific to each probe.

This meticulous process, carried out by Metrolab, involves a careful comparison of each probe’s performance against a known reference, allowing these variations to be adjusted for accurate, consistent data.

We recommend standardizing your MFC9046 every 12 months.

Metrolab product warranty extended to 5 years.

As of January 1, 2024, the Metrolab product warranty has been extended from 2 to 5 years, reaffirming our commitment to providing Swiss quality that stands the test of time.


At Metrolab, our commitment to durability and customer satisfaction goes beyond the initial sale.

We are proud to announce that we will maintain and repair our instruments for as long as we have the necessary parts and know-how. Our team of qualified experts will do everything in their power to ensure the continued availability of your equipment, thereby extending its operational life.

This approach reflects our commitment to Swiss quality and product durability. When you choose Metrolab, you choose excellence that lasts.