Welcome to the technological world of Metrolab, where mastery of magnetic field measurement technologies reaches new heights of excellence.

The field of magnetic field intensity measurement has seen an impressive diversity of technologies, each bringing its own advantages in terms of range and accuracy.

Inspired by a representation developed by CERN, the diagram below classifies these technologies according to their specific characteristics. Metrolab, a leader in the field, stands out for its mastery of four essential technologies: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), fluxmeters, Hall and Fluxgates.

These technologies cover an impressive range of flux densities over ten orders of magnitude, encompassing the world’s most accurate measurement techniques.

At Metrolab, our technological expertise is your guarantee of unrivalled accuracy in magnetic field measurement, whatever your project requirements.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)

Precision measurement of magnetic field using sample-specific gyromagnetic ratio.

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3-axis Hall effect

A material through which an electric current flows and which is subjected to a magnetic field generates a potential difference perpendicular to the current.

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3-axis fluxgate

External magnetic field measurement by internal variation of an induced field in a sensitive magnetic sensor.

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Measurement by integration of the voltage induced in a detection coil by the change in magnetic flux over time.

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