Three-Axis Fluxgate Magnetometer TFM1186

Field intensity from nanoteslas to 100 µT or 200 µT
3-axis Fluxgate sensors
0.5% accuracy
Dedicated software
DC or AC magnetic fields up to 1kHz
3-axis calibration


+ Robust and easy to use

+ Powered via USB

+ Simultaneous measurement of Bx, By, and Bz

+ EZMag3D software

+ Range of ±100 µT or ±200 µT with a resolution of 4 nT

+ Application Programming Interface

The Three-Axis Fluxgate TFM1186 is part of Metrolab’s THM1176 family, portable 3-axis magnetometers. It’s a lightweight, low-power consumption magnetometer that can be used anywhere. Its exceptional noise characteristics make fluxgate magnetometers the instrument of choice for measuring minimal disturbances in the local magnetic field, such as those caused by iron masses or noise from a power line. The TFM1186 has a range of ±100 µT (±200 µT on request) and a resolution of 4 nT.

The TFM1186 simultaneously measures all three axes of the magnetic field, providing a real measurement of field intensity, regardless of how you hold the probe. The entire instrument has been condensed into a cable with a few black spots, which can be directly plugged into your PC or battery-powered handheld computer.

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Three-Axis Fluxgate Magnetometer TFM1186

  • Measurement range 100 µT or 200 µT
  • Calibration 100 µT or 200 µT
  • Accuracy ±0.5% or ±100 nT
  • Resolution 4 nT
  • Available with a 3 m or 6 m cable.

Tablet for total autonomy

  • Robust Windows 10 tablet
  • Pistol grip for industrial use
  • Includes a convenient transport case.