At Metrolab, safety is our priority.

We provide advanced solutions to ensure the mapping of magnetic fields of your work environment.

With our three-dimensional Hall sensors, achieve precise isogaussian tracings around instruments and tools, ensuring a clear delineation of magnetic zones.

Our Hall sensor networks also enable detailed mappings, providing a thorough understanding of magnetic fields.

With Metrolab, you secure your workspace with our cutting-edge magnetic mapping solutions.

Visualizing the Invisible

One of the main risks associated with magnetic fields lies in their invisibility, requiring specific tools to measure, visualize, and understand them.

These magnetic fields can emanate from familiar sources, such as large MRI or NMR spectrometer magnets, but also from more subtle sources, like a powerful current loop in a welding workshop or discreet magnets present in everyday objects, such as a smartphone’s casing.

Measuring Isogaussian Lines

These fields can also have more serious effects, such as interfering with the operation of a pacemaker. To address these challenges, Metrolab offers specialized portable tools for mapping magnetic fields around MRI machines or in workplaces.

These devices also assess magnetic fields emitted by objects, incorporating precise measurements to minimize potential risks associated with their impact on the magnetic environment. Hall effect measurement is a key component of these devices, providing accurate evaluations of magnetic fields to ensure maximum safety.

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