MagVector™ MV2 Magnetometer

Small QFN package 3x3x0.9 mm³
Selectable field ranges from 0.1 to 30T
Microscopic field-sensitive volume 200x200x5μm³
Low RMS noise < 2.0
Flexible outputs > Bx, By, Bz, T > Analog or digital (SPI)
Integrated rotation current


+ Three-axis Hall effect magnetometer

+ High-performance embedded applications

+ Custom multi-sensor field mapping

+ Magnetic flux leakage measurement

The MagVector™ MV2 is the ideal solution if you need to integrate a sophisticated magnetometer into your electronic system. A typical application would be a sensor array for a custom magnetic field mapping system. The MV2 was developed by MPS Tech Switzerland Sàrl (formerly Sensima Technology SA) in cooperation with Metrolab. Metrolab uses the same sensor in several of its products and is now making this technology available to electronic system designers.

It is worth noting that, as an electronic peripheral component, the MagVector™ MV2 does not come with any of the amenities of a traditional magnetometer: the user must provide the microcontroller, control firmware, host interface, user interface, and calibration. For full-featured three-axis Hall effect magnetometers, please refer to the THM1176 / TFM1186 instrument family.

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The MV2 chip

  • Compact 3x3x0.9 mm³
  • Three orthogonal Hall sensors (Bx, By, Bz)
  • Measurement ranges from 0.1 T to 30 T
  • Microscopic measurement volume 200 µm x 200 µm x 5 µm
  • Integrated ADCs
  • SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) interface provides a digital interface in addition to the analog interface.

MV2 evaluation kit

  • Test board with MagVector™ MV2 sensor
  • Pre-programmed Arduino board
  • Arduino firmware to control the MagVector™ MV2, including source code
  • Host software to test the MagVector™ MV2, including source code
  • Two unassembled MagVector™ MV2 sensors