Metrolab is attending ENC, Asilomar, CA, USA, april 7-11, 2024,

Meet Metrolab CEO during ENC, Asilomar, CA, USA!

We are delighted to invite you to visit the Metrolab/GMW booth at the ENC Experimental Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Conference in Asilomar.

We are especially thrilled to announce the attendance of Metrolab’s CEO, Stéphane Jotterand, who will showcase our groundbreaking innovation—the Robotic Mapper for NMR Spectrometer Magnets MFC8246.

Stéphane, along with Brian from GMW Associates, will be available to meet you at Exhibit Booth 2, located in the Fireside Garage area. We will be showcasing the following instruments at the booth:

Robotic Mapper for NMR Spectrometer Magnets MFC8246:

Designed to map small bore NMR spectroscopy magnets with NMR Precision Teslameter PT2026 accuracy. It represents a significant advancement in precision field measurement technology.

NMR Precision Teslameter PT2026:

Setting the global standard for total field measurement, the PT2026 offers unparalleled accuracy, achieving a resolution of less than ten parts per billion – 10 ppb. Features include high magnetic field measurement, robustness against inhomogeneous fields, and enhanced measurement speed.

Permanent Magnet PM1055:

A compact yet powerful solution for spectroscopy applications ranging from 0.01T to 0.5T. This portable magnet, weighing just one kilogram, is the cornerstone of portable NMR spectrometers.

We cordially invite you to explore these innovations and engage in insightful discussions with our team at the conference. Your presence will contribute to making this event a resounding success.

Looking forward to meeting you at ENC 2024!

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