Metrolab NMR Magnetometers comparison

Comparing the NMR Magnetic Field Camera MFC2046 with legacy instruments!

This document describes the enhancements of the NMR Magnetic Field Camera, the MFC2046, highlighting its enhanced precision, versatility, and performance compared to previous models.

The latest generation of instruments achieves an exceptional absolute accuracy of 1 ppm, representing a substantial improvement compared to the 5 ppm accuracy of the previous generation (Paragraph 1.1). Additionally, the PT2026 introduces a groundbreaking capability, enabling both ramping and mapping with a single instrument (Paragraph 1.2).

The MFC2046 embodies a significant leap forward in magnetic field characterization through its incorporation of pulsed mode NMR magnetometry, featuring Free Induction Decay (FID) and Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) techniques (Paragraph 2).

Further enhancing measurement capabilities, the MFC2046 boasts an expanded probe range and enhanced versatility, excelling in mapping magnetic fields ranging from 0.2 T to 30 T (Paragraph 3). The accompanying probe arrays, MFC9046, offer an impressive ±3% range of the nominal field, facilitating more flexible measurements and unlocking new applications.

Innovations in component selection within the probe arrays of the MFC2046 minimize susceptibility and improve homogeneity, resulting in more consistent normalization and compensating for susceptibility effects of surrounding materials (Paragraph 4).

A comparative analysis of Metrolab’s PT2025, MFC3045, and PT2026 magnetometers reveals distinct differences in measurement principles (Paragraph 5). We present survey results confirming the superior resolution of the PT2026 over the PT2025.

These advancements represent a significant stride forward in magnetic field measurement instrumentation, offering unprecedented accuracy, versatility, and performance.

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