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Three-axis hall GAUSSMETER


The THM1176: an ultra-compact magnetometer.

Its 3-axis capability, compact form, small active volume and simple programmability make the THM1176 the ideal magnetometer for field mapping. It is particularly useful in determining the 5 Gauss line during MRI installation and in systematically mapping an entire volume with its sophisticated 3-axis field-mapping jig.

USB-powered, the THM1176 sensor family covers a range of nT to 14T.


Go-anywhere and measure-anything

The most compact, lightweight, low-power magnetometer in the world, the THM1176 measures all 3 magnetic field axes at once.

Extended range

A family of sensors: low-field for fringes, medium-field for general purpose and high-field for superconducting magnets, their range is from nT to 14T with resolutions from nT to mT.

From the bench to the field

All sensors are available as handheld kits or USB-connected desktop kits.

Precision and Calibration

To minimize noise, offset and planar Hall effects, we use the ‘spinning current technique’. Sensors are calibrated at zero field, high-end of the range and intermediate field values.

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About Metrolab

Established in 1985, Metrolab Technology SA is a Swiss company based in Geneva. We are the global market leader for the development and manufacture of precision magnetometers, which are used to measure high-intensity magnetic fields to a very high degree of precision.

About the technology

With three orthogonal Hall sensors on a semiconductor chip, our powerful magnetometer measures Bx, By, and Bz, producing three-dimensional magnetic field maps.