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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Magnetometer


The Precision Teslameter PT2026: Gold standard for magnetic field measurement.

With its many benefits, which include improved precision, high fields, inhomogeneous fields, rapid measurement and shorter search time, the PT2026 NMR magnetometer opens a host of new application areas.

33 Hz NMR measurement acquisition rate

Measurement accuracy is not traded off against measurement speed.

Extended range and unbeateable precision

Measure magnetic fields from 38 mT to >30 T at a precision of 10 ppb, with the use of pulsed-wave NMR detection.


To measure more than one point, use multiple probes with a multiplexer, or a probe array.
Software and Firmware updates are free and can be performed in the field.

High tolerance to field gradient

Robust system capable of searching and detecting the NMR signal in a gradient of 1.35 mT/cm in a 1T field (1350 ppm/cm).

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About Metrolab

Established in 1985, Metrolab Technology SA is a Swiss company based in Geneva. We are the global market leader for the development and manufacture of precision magnetometers, which are used to measure high-intensity magnetic fields to a very high degree of precision.

About the technology

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) is the most precise technology in magnetic field measurement. Due to pulsed-wave NMR detection and advanced signal processing, our new generation of magnetometers are faster, more precise and more robust than continuous-wave NMR detectors.