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MFC3045 Magnetic Field Camera

Magnetic Field Camera: mapping for MRI applications


Introduced 20 years ago, the Magnetic Field Camera MFC3045 has reached the end of its commercial life. It is succeeded by Metrolab’s new-generation Magnetic Field Camera Solution MFC2046. Built on the superior sensitivity of the NMR magnetometer PT2026, the MFC2046 can be delivered with a wide range of probe-array geometries.

Custom designs of the MFC3048 Probe Array are no longer available, but until further notice, you will be able to reorder any existing MFC3048 Probe arrays.

Mapping for comparison with field model


Decay monitoring



Other NMR Magnetometers

PT2026 核磁共振特斯拉计 世界上最精确的磁力计

The world’s most precise magnetometer: a brand-new, all-digital design


New-generation NMR field mappers, for MRI and small-bore magnets


Product accessories

MFC3048 Probe Array

MFC3039 Probe Array Holder horizontal

MFC3040 Probe Array Holder vertical

MFC3045 – Transit Case

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