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MFC3045 End of Life Notification

8.05.2019 | Metronews, MFC2046, MRI

Geneva, May 3rd, 2019

MFC3045: End of an Era

Introduced 20 years ago, the Magnetic Field Camera MFC3045 has reached the end of its commercial life. It is succeeded by Metrolab’s new-generation Magnetic Field Camera Solution MFC2046. Built on the superior sensitivity of the NMR magnetometer PT2026, the MFC2046 can be delivered with a choice of two probe-array geometries.

Metrolab will stop sales of the MFC3045 main unit when the current stock is exhausted, which corresponds to roughly six months of normal sales. We will also stop the sales of new custom designs of the MFC3048 Probe Array, but until further notice, you will be able to reorder any existing MFC3048 Probe arrays.

We will continue to service the MFC3045 main unit for 2 years after the last delivery. Service after this date will be provided on a “best effort” basis: we trust that our equipment will continue to operate for many more years, and we want to support our customers as long as we have the necessary components, tooling, and know-how.

Please feel free to contact us at, or +41 22 884 3311, if you have any questions about how this announcement affects you.

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