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eNGN Technologies to distribute Metrolab products in Portugal.

22.03.2021 | Metronews, Newsletter

Geneva, Switzerland, March 22, 2021 –

Metrolab Technology SA, the global market leader for precision magnetometers, has today announced a distribution agreement with eNGN Technologies in Portugal.

“eNGN is a company focused on test and measurement solutions to be the most trusted partner for companies and R&D centers in Portugal. This collaboration is the opportunity to expand Metrolab’s presence in Portugal. We welcome eNGN to our network of distributors” Dr. Antoine Daridon, Business Development Manager at Metrolab Technology SA.

About Metrolab Technology SA

Metrolab is the global leader for precision magnetometers. Established in Switzerland in 1985, we have won the trust of all the large physics laboratories and all leading players in Magnetic Resonance Imaging, across the world. With Metrolab, you measure magnetic fields with Swiss precision and quality.

About eNGN Technologies

eNGN Technologies is a company dedicated to the Test&Measurement world, Monitoring solutions, and professional services. Since day 1, we have played a key role in helping major Portuguese organizations to build, validate and optimize their Test and Measurement systems. We provide instruments and solutions for any electric, electronic and optic parameter that must be measured and controlled.


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