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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Research & development

Reusable customized systems

Specifically adapted to your system, the solutions we provide for the Research & Development phases can also be used during production and installation, thus optimizing your investment and saving time in the complete product cycle.

MRI – Research & Development

The development of a new MRI magnet requires a rapid and reliable magnetic measurement system to verify and perfect the magnet model. Our standard product line covers most of your needs in this area. Besides, we develop custom and semi-custom solutions – for example, an adaptation to a new field strength or geometry, or for the passage from a reduced-scale to a full-sized model.

From general-purpose to mapping – always the ultimate in precision

Metrolab’s single-point NMR magnetometers are as sophisticated as they are robust and easy to use. These versatile, ultra-high-precision instruments are perfect for measuring the B0 fields typically encountered in MRI applications. They are suitable for simple hand-held field-strength checks, for example, during ramping, as well as sophisticated long-term stability studies, simultaneous measurements at several locations, or even a simple field map.

Metrolab’s unique multi-point NMR teslameter systems allow computational models to be verified to a high order, thanks to their ultra-high precision; their geometry adapted to the magnet, a high density of measurement points, and rapid acquisition time. The same field maps form the basis for a robust and fast shimming procedure that can handle even the relatively poor field quality of a prototype.

Fringe fields & dynamic effects

Metrolab’s handheld three-axis magnetometer allows mapping fringe fields quickly and conveniently. In contrast, precision integrators – a standard tool for mapping accelerator magnets – can also be used effectively for high-precision studies of dynamic effects such as eddy currents.