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Updated MagVector™ MV2 Data Sheet and Evaluation Kit Software

13.07.2017 | Hall, Metronews, Newsletter

A maintenance update of the MagVector™ MV2 Data Sheet and Evaluation Kit software is now available for download.

The principal changes to the Data Sheet are as follows:

  • – Section 3-6: Note that the on-chip regulator tends to drift
  • – Section 4-1, 5-1: Replace incorrect sensitivity specs with design targets (measured values are TBD)
  • – Section 5-3, 5-5: Clarify operation of DR and INIT
  • – Section 5-14: Add explanatory footnote for Refresh Rate
  • – Section 5-16: Describe noise characteristics of single-axis modes

The Evaluation Kit software contains the following firmware changes:

  • – Do not automatically wait for DR when performing a write & read (allows retrieving Bx,By,Bz,T for each DR)
  • – After INIT=1, automatically toggle CS to clear DR (otherwise next read will fetch bogus data)

The July 2017 update contains the following additional changes to the Evaluation Kit software:

  • – Catch ^C and shut down cleanly
  • – Allow for COM ports beyond COM9 (Windows)
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