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Essentials of MRI Safety

15.06.2020 | Hall, TFM1186, THM1176

Metrolab Three-axis Hall Magnetometer THM1176 featured in Essentials of MRI Safety by Donald W. McRobbie


Essentials of MRI Safety is a comprehensive guide that enables practitioners to recognise and assess safety risks and follow appropriate and effective safety procedures in clinical practice. The text covers all the vital aspects of clinical MRI safety, including the bio-effects of MRI, magnet safety, occupational exposure, scanning passive and active implants, MRI suite design, institutional governance, and more.

Complex equations and models are stripped back to present the foundations of theory and physics necessary to understand each topic, from the basic laws of magnetism to fringe field spatial gradient maps of common MRI scanners. Written by an internationally recognised MRI author, educator, and MRI safety expert, this important textbook:

  • Reflects the most current research, guidelines, and MRI safety information
  • Explains procedures for scanning pregnant women, managing MRI noise exposure, and handling emergency situations
  • Prepares candidates for the American Board of MR Safety exam and other professional certifications
  • Aligns with MRI safety roles such as MR Medical Director (MRMD), MR Safety Officer (MRSO) and MR Safety Expert (MRSE)
  • Contains numerous illustrations, figures, self-assessment tests, key references, and extensive appendices

Essentials of MRI Safety is an indispensable text for all radiographers and radiologists, as well as physicists, engineers, and researchers with an interest in MRI.

During the installation of a new MRI, the MRI suite designer will rely on the MRI manufacturer to provide the fringe field contours at  0.5, 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 40, and 200 mT. “After installation, the fringe field should be confirmed using a suitable magnetometer, as the presence of steel structures in the building can distort the field contours.Read more in chapter 12 excerpt.


DONALD W. MCROBBIE has more than thirty years’ experience in MRI safety. He is currently Adjunct Associate Professor, Discipline of Medical Physics in the School of Physical Sciences at the University of Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia.

Reproduced with permission of Donald W. McRobbie and John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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