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1062 10m probe with integral amplifier

PT2025 accessory

1062 10m probe with integral amplifier

Pricing :

 2’785 CHF

Probes R1 to R5

(prices are indicative)

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Pricing : 2’785 CHF
Probes R1 to R5

Pricing : 3’495 CHF
Probes R6 to R8

(prices are indicative)


Transverse & longitudinal fields, with 10m cable (other lengths upon request, up to 100m).

The integrated amplifier eliminates the requirement of a separate 1030 Amplifier, also allowing it to be used with a 2030 Multiplexer.

Probe No.Field Range
Sample TypeFrequency Range (Mhz)Active Volume
(Dia. x Len., mm)
R10.043 to 0.131H1.9 to 5.67 x 4.5
R20.09 to 0.261H3.8 to 11.25 x 4.5
R30.17 to 0.521H7.5 to 22.54 x 4.5
R40.35 to 1.051H15.0 to 45.04 x 4.5
R50.70 to 2.11H30.0 to 90.04 x 4.5
R6*1.5 to 3.42H7.5 to 22.54 x 4.5
R7*3.0 to 6.82H15.0 to 45.04 x 4.5
R8*6.0 to 13.72H30.0 to 90.04 x 4.5


* For 2H probes, the signal-to-noise ratio is low at the lower end of their frequency range.

1H probes:
• at min. of field range: approximately 10
• at max. of field range: approximately 100

2H probes:
• at min. of field range: approximately 5
• at max. of field range: not measured