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Probe Array normalization template

MFC9046 and MFC3048 accessory

Probe Array normalization template

Pricing :

 1’450 CHF

Normalization template

(prices are indicative)


Metrolab’s MFC9046 and MFC3048 NMR Probe Arrays require a simple normalization procedure to minimize probe-to-probe variations due to magnetic susceptibility effects. This normalization can be performed by Metrolab or by the customer; the procedure requires a magnet at the right field and with a sufficiently large bore, a normalization template specific to the probe array, and the MFCTool software.

To be able to normalize NMR Probe Arrays in-house, please order the normalization template, part number NJIG_xx-yyy, where xx-yyy represents the Probe Array configuration: xx = # points, yyy = diameter in mm.