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MFC3048 Probe Array

MFC3045 accessory

MFC3048 Probe Array

Pricing :

 9’990 CHF

Standard 24 measurement points without normalization

(prices are indicative)

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Pricing : 9’990 CHF
Standard 24 measurement points without normalization

Pricing : 1’550 CHF
Special configuration additional cost

Pricing : 260 CHF
For each additional probe

Pricing : 2’590 CHF
Normalization for 1.5T and 3.0T fields

Pricing : 3’625 CHF
Normalization for other fields

Pricing : 10’415 CHF
Engineering and tooling cost for custom design : One-time charge for custom probe arrays with up to 24 measurement points

(prices are indicative)


The NMR probes are precision-mounted in a semi-circular pattern on a lightweight and perfectly flat composite base plate. The MFC3048 probe array is completed by a shielded cover and a 4 m long cable, with an industrial-strength multi-pole connector to connect the probe array to the Main Unit. A simple normalization procedure minimizes any remaining probe-to-probe variations. 

Introduced 20 years ago, the Magnetic Field Camera MFC3045 has reached the end of its commercial life. It is succeeded by Metrolab’s new-generation Magnetic Field Camera Solution MFC2046. Built on the superior sensitivity of the NMR magnetometer PT2026, the MFC2046 can be delivered with a choice of two probe-array geometries.

The MFC3045 and custom design of the MFC3048 are no longer available for sale, but until further notice, you will be able to reorder any existing MFC3048 probe arrays.