Meet our distributor GMW associates during NAPAC 2019


GMW Associates, our North American distributor, will be representing Metrolab during upcoming North American Particle Accelerator Conference NAPAC2019 in Lansing, MI. Meet them to discuss Metrolab's products:

PT2026 Ultra-precision NMR magnetometers: the gold standard based on pulsed-NMR sensors.

MFC2046 new generation of magnetic field camera is based on precise pulsed-wave NMR technology. The miniaturized probe produces high-density probe arrays, to map any pre-clinical, extremity or whole-body MRI magnet as well as any NMR spectroscopy magnet.

 THM1176 and TFM1186 Three-axis Hall and fluxgate magnetometers: ultra-compact and easy-to-use instruments to measure and map all three components of a magnetic field.