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MFCTool Software 10.3.2 release

8.10.2021 | MFC2046, MRI, NMR-ESR


New release of the MFCTool software 10.3.2!


One unique software interface for both Magnetic Field Cameras


MFC2046 and legacy MFC3045.


MFCTool V10.3.x has  the ability to operate both the most recent generation of Magnetic Field Cameras, the MFC2046 and legacy Magnetic Field Camera, the MFC3045.


Upgrades October 2021

  • MFC2046 Calibration and MFC9046 Normalization expiry date notification
  • Warnings when measurement points are outside the set limits during magnet mapping
  • Option to opt-out the central wide-range probe, if present, during magnet mapping


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