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Meet us during Magnetics 2020, February 11-12, in Orlando, Florida

1.01.2019 | Archives

We are looking forward to meeting you during Magnetics 2020, February 11-12, in Orlando, Florida.

GMW associates are hosting us. Both Philip Keller and Antoine Daridon are looking forward to fruitful discussions on booth 100.

Don’t miss Philip’s presentation on Tuesday at 4:05 pm. NMR magnetometers: the best gets better.


NMR magnetometers are the “gold standard” for measuring magnetic field strength. They can achieve unparalleled resolution (10 parts per billion), and they are free of nonlinearity, temperature drift, and aging effects. These characteristics make them the preferred tool to map high-uniformity magnets, to guarantee absolutely repeatable field strengths, and to calibrate other magnetometers, notably Hall systems. In this talk, we will review their principle of operation and describe some of the latest developments, including fast field mapping with NMR, high-speed NMR measurements, and low-field NMR measurements.

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