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Meet our distributor GMW associates during NAPAC 2019

1.01.2019 | Archives

GMW Associates, our North American distributor, will be representing Metrolab during upcoming North American Particle Accelerator Conference NAPAC2019 in Lansing, MI. Meet them to discuss Metrolab’s products:

PT2026 Ultra-precision NMR magnetometers: the gold standard based on pulsed-NMR sensors.

MFC2046 new generation of magnetic field camera is based on precise pulsed-wave NMR technology. The miniaturized probe produces high-density probe arrays, to map any pre-clinical, extremity or whole-body MRI magnet as well as any NMR spectroscopy magnet.

 THM1176 and TFM1186 Three-axis Hall and fluxgate magnetometers: ultra-compact and easy-to-use instruments to measure and map all three components of a magnetic field.

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