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MagVector™ MV2 자기계

Embedded 3-Axis Hall Magnetometer

The MagVector™ MV2 is the ideal solution if you need to integrate a sophisticated magnetometer into your electronic system. A typical application would be a sensor array for a custom magnetic field-mapping system. The MV2 was developed by MPS Tech Switzerland Sàrl (formerly Sensima Technology SA) in cooperation with Metrolab. Metrolab uses the same sensor in several of its products, and is now making this technology available to electronic systems designers.

Note that, being an electronic peripheral component, the MagVector™ MV2 includes none of the amenities of a traditional magnetometer: the user must supply the micro-controller, control firmware, host interface, user interface, and, last but not least, calibration. For complete 3-axis Hall magnetometers, please see the THM1176 / TFM1186 family of instruments.


Price per unit; minimum order quantity 5 pieces; cut tape.

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Price per unit; minimum order quantity 5 pieces; cut tape.

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5 pieces

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High performance embedded applications

Custom multi-probe field mappers

Magnetic flux leakage measurement


Small but powerful

Measuring only 3x3x0.9 mm, the MagVector™ MV2 is a powerful magnetometer on a chip: three orthogonal Hall sensors measure (Bx,By,Bz); the “spinning current” technique minimises noise, offset and the Planar Hall Effect; a built-in temperature sensor permits temperature compensation; a programmable-gain amplifier provides measurement ranges from 0.1 to 30 T; and built-in ADCs and SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) provide a digital interface in addition to an analog one.

High performance

The MV2 features a noise density of 300 nT/√Hz and an analog measurement bandwidth of 50 kHz. In digital mode, measurement rate can be traded off against ADC resolution, ranging from 0.375 to 3 kHz, and from 14 to 16 bits, respectively. It supports a supply voltage of 3.3 or 5 V. The compact 3×3 mm QFN package is completely nonmagnetic, compatible with MRI environments. Please see the Data Sheet for details.

Analog and digital interfaces

A signal pin selects between the analog or digital interface. In analog mode, configuration options such as the measurement range are selected using control signals, whereas in digital mode all configuration parameters are transferred via SPI and stored in internal registers. Additional control signals and register bits provide fine control over the measurement process, for example the timing of the analog/digital conversion. In digital mode, multiple MV2s can be connected to a single SPI bus.


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