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HMC9076 Hall Magnetic Cameras

Metrolab introduced the world’s first turnkey magnetic field mapping system in 1993. We introduced the world’s first compact 3-axis Hall magnetometer in 1995. In 2015, we became the exclusive distributors of a unique 3-axis digital Hall sensor. Finally, in 2017 we combined all this and introduced the world’s first 3-axis, multipoint Hall magnetic field mapper – what we call a “Hall Magnetic Camera”.

The primary benefits of our Hall Magnetic Cameras are: multiple measurement points, allowing AC as well as DC measurements; 3-axis Hall sensors, allowing direct measurement of complete field vectors; and a USB interface, providing a one-cable solution for power and communication. The Hall sensor, the MagVector™ MV2, boasts measurement ranges up to 30 T, with a best-case resolution of 3 µT.

Simultaneously measures all three axes of magnetic field

Range from µT to 30 T

Corrected for temperature drift and non-linearity

HMC9076: semi-custom solution

Our first Hall Magnetic Camera, the HMC9076, introduces a design similar to our NMR Probe Arrays, with multiple sensors mounted on a Printed Circuit Board (PCB). The number of measurement points as well as the size and shape of the PCB are adapted to the customer’s requirements. The hardware, firmware and software components, however, are standard, and can be easily adapted to your application. For an overview, see this presentation.

MV2Lego: modular solution

The semi-custom approach of the HMC9076 is not for everyone; many users require more flexibility. For this reason, we are developing a modular mapping solution: a network of independent measurement modules that can be easily assembled into any desired geometry – using LEGO® blocks! Our code name for this project is, appropriately enough, MV2Lego. Take a look at some of the pictures above, or this presentation.

Accuracy required

Our first customer for the HMC9076 also happened to require measurement accuracy of 10-4 (0.01%). These specifications are extremely difficult to achieve with Hall probes, and very few manufacturers claim this level of accuracy even for their single-axis Hall probes – let alone 3-axis Hall probes, not even to speak of an ensemble of 3-axis Hall probes! But the HMC9076 did it, thanks to the exceptional noise performance of the MagVector™ MV2, combined with a clever temperature stabilization system.

A solution for you

Metrolab’s Hall Magnetic Cameras offer unique benefits, and the product line is still evolving: updates to the HMC9076 firmware and software are still in the works, and the industrialization of the MV2Lego prototype is proceeding apace. In the meantime, we are eager to hear about your requirements – please contact us!


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