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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

High-quality MRI images require a strong and extremely homogeneous magnetic field in the target area. MRI manufacturers measure the magnetic field and correct it, using special coils and/or small pieces of iron, in a process called shimming. We have designed our magnetometer systems to support all phases of your product cycle.

From the laboratory to the field

Our NMR Magnetometers, NMR Magnetic Field Camera or 3-axis Hall or fluxgate Magnetometers support your needs for magnetic measurements from the development of a new magnet to the industrialization, manufacturing and installation of an MRI!


Development of new MRI magnets.

MRI Production

Quality control during the manufacturing of MRI magnets 

MRI Installation

Installing a MRI magnet on the end-customer’s site

Magnetic Field Cameras

mapping a path to optimal MRI performance

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has become a mainstay of medical imaging facilities. Superior soft-tissue contrast versus CT scans and the use of non-ionizing radio waves to visualize a rich matrix of functional information – including blood volume/oxygenation and localized metabolic activity within tumour sites – represent a winning combination for clinicians in the diagnosis and treatment of all manner of diseases.

Underpinning that clinical capability is an array of enabling technologies, the largest and most expensive of which is the superconducting magnet that sits at the heart of today’s cutting-edge MRI scanners. Clinical MRI 

machines typically have a magnetic-field strength in the range 0.1 to 3.0 T – though research systems for human and small-animal applications are available at much higher fields. In every case, these systems require a magnetic field that combines extreme stability with extreme uniformity (to within a few ppm) to ensure optimal imaging performance.

To service that need, we have developed a portfolio of measurement tools and accessories to enable MRI equipment manufacturers to quantify and map the magnetic subsystems at the heart of their clinical MRI scanners.


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