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Shandong Aoxin Medical Technology Testimonial

3.09.2019 | Metronews, MFC2046, MRI, Newsletter

Magnetic Field Camera and probe array to map a 160 mm DSV extremity MRI magnet

In the development of our new extremity MRI magnet, the choice of the metrology instruments was critical. Precision, reliability and potential to scale-up to production were the key selection parameters, all for a 160 mm DSV! The recently launched MFC9046 from Metrolab is the only NMR-based instrument offering a multiprobe array for this DSV. Based on Pulsed NMR technology, it achieves best in class precision of 10 ppb.

We are proud of our collaboration with Metrolab and to have been the first ones to use such a small Magnetic Field Camera with 14 sensors deployed over 160 mm diameter halfmoon!

Initial field measured by Metrolab MFC9046 (Courtesy of Shandong Aoxin Medical Technology Co. LTD.)


The results of passive shimming measured using Metrolab MFC9046 (Courtesy of Shandong Aoxing Medical Technology Co. LTD.)


Liu Yu

R&D Manager

Shandong Aoxin Medical Technology Co. LTD.

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