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Precision Measurement of Time-Varying Fields by Philip Keller

Magnetics 21 conference.

Metrolab Magnetic Field Camera MFC2046

NMR magnetic field mapping.

An introduction to SHE by Guy Aubert

Spherical Harmonics Expansion.

Guy Aubert and Iseult

Iseult: whole-body MRI magnet at 11.7 T developed by CEA/IRFU.

Metrolab 3-axis Hall and Fluxgate magnetometers THM1176 TFM1186

Compact but powerful USB instruments.

Metrolab Fast Digital Integrator FDI2056

World’s fastest and most sensitive voltage integrator.

Metrolab MagVector™ MV2 3-axis Hall sensor

Complete 3-axis Hall magnetometer on a chip.

Metrolab PM1055 permanent magnets

Handheld calibration magnets.

Metrolab Magnetic Field Camera MFC3045

Turnkey NMR magnetic field mapping system.

Metrolab NMR magnetometer PT2026

The world’s most precise magnetometer.

Metrolab magnetometers – Manufacturing

A peek behind the scenes at Metrolab Technology.

Metrolab magnetometers – About Us

Brief introduction to Metrolab Technology.

Metrolab magnetometers – Areas of application

Important applications of our magnetometers.

Fluxgates: magnetometer technology primer

How fluxgate magnetometers work (8 minutes).

Fluxmeters: magnetometer technology primer

How fluxmeters, sense coils and voltage integrators work (14 minutes).

Hall probes: magnetometer technology primer

How modern Hall probes work (11 minutes).

NMR magnetometers: technology primer

How NMR magnetometers work (15 minutes).

PT2026 Demo – October 2015

Just how precise is it?

The world’s most precise magnetometer

Introducing the PT2026.

Facility tour and product demo

Facility tour of Metrolab Technology.