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TFM1186 3-axis Fluxgate Magnetometer

The only handheld 3-axis Fluxgate magnetometer

The Three-axis Fluxgate Magnetometer TFM1186 is a member of Metrolab’s THM1176 family of 3-axis handheld magnetometers. It is a lightweight, low-power, go-anywhere fluxgate magnetometer. Outstanding noise characteristics make fluxgate magnetometers the instrument of choice for measuring minute disturbances in the local magnetic field, for example due to an iron mass or AC power-line noise. The TFM1186 has a range of ±100 µT and a resolution of 4 nT.

The TFM1186 simultaneously measures all three axes of the magnetic field, so you get a true field strength reading no matter how you hold the probe. The entire instrument has been reduced to a cable with a few fat spots, which can plug directly into your PC or into a battery-powered handheld computer.

Download EZMag3D:

We have been working hard on all-new software for the Metrolab Three-axis Magnetometers. We are now making it available to all existing users.

Compact, lightweight, low-power, rugged and easy to use

Simultaneously measures all three axes of magnetic field

Range of ±100 µT with a resolution of 4 nT

Corrected for temperature drift and non-linearity

Use as computer peripheral or handheld instrument

Sophisticated, easy-to-use software

Allows construction of probe arrays

All software source code included


Desktop, Handheld and Duo Kits

If you just want to plug a magnetometer into the USB port of your computer, you need the Desktop Kit. The Handheld Kit, with its optional battery-operated, industrial quality tablet computer, takes the measurement from the lab bench to the field – although of course you can still use the instrument with your computer, too. If you also need to measure higher fields, the Duo Kit provides a practical and cost-effective package of any two probes in the THM1176 family, with or without handheld computer.

All kits include a USB stick with the manual, software for Windows and Mac, and all source code. The handheld kits include a carrying case with the tablet, charger, adapters and cables.

The computer interface complies with the USB, USBTMC/USB488, DFU, SCPI and VISA standards, and is compatible with Windows, Macintosh and Linux based computers.

Software that works

The supplied software displays the total field and its x, y, z components, while a “3D Compass“ permits direct visualization of the vector direction. FFT, RMS or Peak-to-Peak computations can also be displayed, both numerically and graphically.

The user has full control of all measurement parameters, such as sample rate, trigger mode and data averaging. Visual and auditory alarms can be used to signal when measurements are out of bounds. Last but not least, measurements can be recorded to a file, played back in any of the available display modes, or transferred for further analysis using, for example, Excel or Matlab.

Details, details, details…

Attention to detail ensures that you get accurate measurements with a minimum of fuss. Auto ranging automatically selects the range you need, and auto temperature compensation minimizes the effect of temperature fluctuations. Different trigger modes are designed to support signal averaging, AC measurements, or synchronization with external events. Results can be displayed in T, mT, µT, nT, G or mG. The firmware can be upgraded by the user. Even the signal cable between the sensor and the electronics is specially designed to minimize induction effects.


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Product accessories

Tablet and carrying case

6m cable

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