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Metrolab is the global market leader for precision magnetometers

Metrolab builds instruments to measure strong magnetic fields with great precision.  Established in 1985, we have won the trust of all the large physics laboratories and all leading players in Magnetic Resonance Imaging, across the world.

Our top priority is to provide solutions to help you effectively measure magnetic fields. To design our products, we rely on 35 years of expertise in measurement technologies and applications. To deliver quality products, we combine the reliability of industrial manufacturing with the responsiveness of a service company.







A global presence

R&D at the heart of Metrolab

Metrolab invests 18% of sales and 41% of labor hours* in R&D, twice the usual rate for a mature technology company. Metrolab’s engineers carry out applied R&D to bring the insights of basic research into real-world practice. They stay abreast of new technologies through collaborative projects with universities, research institutes, and other companies throughout the world.

*2015 to 2018 numbers


Of labour hours


Of revenus


Our products

PT2026 NMR Precision Teslameter

The world's most precise magnetometer: a brand-new, all-digital design

MFC2046 Magnetic Field Camera

New-generation NMR field mappers, for MRI and small-bore magnets

FDI2056 Fast Digital Integrator

The first off-the shelf instrument to quantify magnetic field transients

THM1176 Hall Magnetometer

The most compact, lightweight, go-anywhere 3-axis Hall magnetometers in the world

TFM1186 Fluxgate Magnetometer

A compact fluxgate magnetometer with outstanding sensitivity

HMC9076 Hall Magnetic Camera

Field mappers based on multiple 3-axis Hall sensors

MagVector™ MV2 Magnetometer

A sophisticated 3-axis Hall magnetometer on a chip


A reference magnet in the palm of your hand

PT2025 NMR Precision Teslameter

A world standard: over 13 Tesla and precision under 0.1 ppm

MFC3045 NMR Magnetic Field Camera

Map an MRI magnet in five minutes with our device

We deliver our technology for your application using your language

Serving the needs of thousands of customers since 1985, we address industrial and scientific applications leveraging a growing technology knowhow. We deliver high quality products through continuous improvement in manufacturing and production.


Mastery of precision magnetic field measurement technologies


Deep understanding of magnet systems applications