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Three-axis Hall magnetometer on a chip

27.10.2016 | Hall, Metronews, Newsletter

Metrolab has introduced the MagVector™ MV2 “magnetometer on a chip.” For the first time, customers can easily and cost-effectively integrate a high-performance 3-axis Hall effect sensor into their electronic designs. Using the chip’s digital interface, it is now also straightforward to build arrays of 3-axis sensors.

The MagVector MV2 features selectable ranges from 100 mT to 30 T, with µT resolution. The non-magnetic 3×3 mm QFN package is compatible with MRI environments. The chip can be user-configured to use an analog or digital SPI interface.

The MagVector MV2 is available for shipment now, in minimum order quantities of 5. An evaluation kit permits out-of-the-box testing of all features; it includes a test board, an Arduino micro-controller with USB interface, firmware, software and 2 unmounted MagVector MV2 units.

Please see the web page or data sheet for more information.

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