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Caméra pour champ magnétique MFC2046

Les applications d’IRM et de spectroscopie RMN nécessitent un champ magnétique très uniforme à l’intérieur de l’aimant d’au plus quelques ppm. La RMN est la seule technique de mesure magnétique capable de fournir une carte de champ avec ce degré de précision.

Introduced 25 years ago, Metrolab’s NMR Magnetic Field Cameras have revolutionized field mapping for MRI magnets. They reduced acquisition times from hours to minutes, positioning errors to fractions of a millimeter, and they rendered human and drift errors negligible. Now, meet the latest generation NMR Magnetic Field Camera, the MFC2046! Map any magnet with the New generation of MFC probe arrays.

Small and large magnet bores


Field model validation

Decay and noise monitoring


Unbeatable speed and precision

Metrolab’s NMR Magnetic Field Cameras provide an unbeatable combination for high-precision magnetic field mapping:

  • Magnetic measurement: advanced NMR technology can provide resolution of 10 ppb (ten parts per billion, or 10-8)
  • Mechanical positioning: precision construction yields overall positioning tolerances well under 1 mm
  • Measurement speed: dozens of probes means a map takes roughly five minutes.

Small bore magnets

The MFC2046 can map magnets with bores as small as 40 mm. For comparison, the smallest previous generation Probe Array was for a 220 mm bore. NMR spectroscopy magnets are elegantly handled by the new mini Probe Array MFC9146, whereas the classic Metrolab Probe-Array MFC9046 supports whole-body MRI, extremity MRI, or small-animal MRI, from 150 mm to 600 mm DSV.

Extended measurement range

The MFC2046 maps magnetic fields from 0.2 T to 30 T (1.1 GHz). For comparison, previous generation systems were limited to 7 T.

Many NMR probes

Previous generation systems were limited to 32 NMR probes per probe array. The MFC2046 shatters that limitation, supporting arrays with up to 255 measurement points.

Single point as well as mapping

The MFC2046 can accept either NMR Probe Arrays, or single-point NMR probes. This unprecedented flexibility means that your manufacturing and service personnel now only need one instrument for field-mapping or single point measurements. The latter provide update rates of up to 33 Hz, allowing low frequency magnetic noise to be detected in real time.

Probe arrays with a wide-range probe

The MFC9046 Probe Arrays can optionally include one wide-range probe, equivalent to a PT2026 NMR probe. This renders your workflow even more efficient: the Probe Array is now left in the magnet during field ramping, avoiding switching measurement fixtures!

USB and Ethernet interfaces

The MFC2046 connects to your computer via USB or Ethernet, using industry-standard protocols and a well-documented command set.

User-friendly software

With the MFC2046, Metrolab introduces a completely rewritten User Interface, MFCTool Version 10. A specialized display for each task in the typical production workflow makes the software easy to learn and quick to use. In addition to the “classic” Metrolab file format, Version 10 introduces a powerful new XML-based format, as well as a plugin module to recover the measurement results in real-time. The same software supports the previous generation Magnetic Field Camera MFC3045.

A complete kit

The MFC2046 Main Unit consists of a PT2026 Rmn Précision Teslamètre with the Camera firmware option, an FCA7046 Field Camera Amplifier, a 3026-10M Cable, and the MFCTool software. In addition, you will need a Probe Array (see below), or you can also plug in any PT2026 probe or multiplexer.

Develop your own MFC software

If you prefer to develop your own MFC software instead of using the MFToolV10, Metrolab provides a “C++ instrument catalog” interface to simplify and speed-up your code development.

The MFC “C++ instrument catalog” is available in the download section. For more details, read the documentation available in the “C++ instrument catalog” package.

We are now supporting the MFC3045 system camera in the “C++ instrument catalog”.

Beware, do not use PT2026 SCPI commands when developing new MFC2046 software.

If you need to export data from the instrument, this is possible. Read the MFCToolV10 User’s Manual for more information.


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Product accessories

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MFC9146 NMR Probe Array for NMR spectroscopy applications

MFC3039 horizontal Probe Array holder

MFC3040 vertical Probe Array holder

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