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Accelerator Operators

Prior to installation: mapping by NMR

Each magnet must usually be mapped prior to installation. As with an optical system, the precise characterization of each element is critical to achieving the specified beam performance. For magnets with relatively homogeneous fields, the precision, long-term stability and industrial robustness of Metrolab NMR magnetometers are unequalled by any other magnetometer.

Science – Accelerator Operators

Mapping magnets prior to installation, calibrating reference magnets for a variety of measurement techniques, real-time control of beam bending magnets, integrating voltage measurement to compute a flux: Metrolab systems support accelerators operator in their daily and most advanced tasks.

NMR calibration of other mappers

For magnets with complex fields, such as quadrupoles and wigglers, the measurements are performed using a variety of other techniques: Hall devices, rotating coils, moving coils, moving wires, vibrating wires, pulsed wires, etc. All these techniques have one thing in common: they all need to be calibrated in a reference magnet controlled by an NMR teslameter. Again, a Metrolab NMR magnetometer is the instrument of choice.

Digitizers for fluxmeter mappers

Fluxmeter mapping systems require an integrator to compute a flux from a series of voltage measurements. Metrolab integrators are the ultimate in speed, resolution and accuracy. Multiple channels, programmable gain, a flexible trigger system, and a built-in encoder interface provide our customers with the flexibility they require.

After installation: beam tuning made reproducible

Real-time control of the main bending magnets with an NMR magnetometer minimizes tedious and expensive beam tuning. Since NMR provides an absolute and perfectly stable reference, operators can simply “set and forget” the magnet power supplies.

Built for physicists, by physicists

Space is at a premium in the beamline or reference magnet, so Metrolab has developed a range of miniature probes and gradient compensation coils that allow probes to be squeezed into almost any installation. Decades of testing and use in these high-radiation environments allow us to build radiation-hard probes and advise you how to get years – or decades – of trouble-fee use in hard-to-reach placements.

Multiplexers and probe cables up to 100m long allow a single magnetometer to control hundreds of probes, and multiple computer interfaces allow the magnetometer system to be easily integrated with the beam control software. Complete configurability allows NMR to be effectively used even in challenging applications, such as rapid field ramps.