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MFC9046 NMR Probe Array

MFC2046 accessory

MFC9046 NMR Probe Array

Pricing :

 12’580 CHF

MFC9046 standard Probe Array, 24 points with normalization 1.5T or 3.0T

(prices are indicative)

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Pricing : 12’580 CHF
MFC9046 standard Probe Array, 24 points with normalization at 1.5 T or 3.0 T

Pricing : 13’615 CHF
MFC9046 standard Probe Array, 24 points with custom field normalization below 3.0 T

Pricing : 260 CHF
Cost per additional probe

Pricing : 2’000 CHF
Additional cost for wide-range probe

Pricing : 1’550 CHF
Additional cost for special configuration (elliptic, …)

Pricing : 2’590 CHF
Normalization, for 1.5 T and 3.0 T fields

Pricing : 3’625 CHF
Normalization, for other fields

Pricing : 10’415 CHF
Engineering and tooling cost for custom design

(prices are indicative)


Map any MRI magnet

The MFC9046 NMR Probe Array is designed for MRI applications: whole-body, extremity or small-animal.

Each Probe Array is specifically tailored to your magnet and requires specifying the number of probes, the geometry, and the field strength. Metrolab has developed a number of standard configurations; custom configurations entail a supplemental engineering and tooling charge.

As of today, we have manufactured probe arrays from 160 mm to 600 mm in diameter! Do not hesitate to contact us if you need another dimension!

Smaller probes and wide-range probe

Typical arrays contain 24 or 32 probes arranged in a semi-circular pattern. However, the MFC9046 Probe Array boasts a theoretical limit of 255 probes, and these can be arranged in almost any geometry. One of the probes can be a wide-range probe, allowing the Probe Array to precisely track the field over a wide field range, for example during field ramping.

Position accuracy

The NMR probes are precision-mounted on a lightweight and perfectly flat composite base plate. The positioning accuracy of each probe, relative to the mounting points, is ±0.3 mm.

The MFC9046 NMR Probe Array is completed by a shielded cover and a 4 m long cable, with an industrial-strength HARTING multi-pole connector to connect the Probe Array to the Field Camera Adapter FCA7046.


A simple normalization procedure is required to minimize probe-to-probe variations due to magnetic susceptibility effects. This normalization is performed by Metrolab. Contact us for more details.


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