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Magnetic Field Mapper with latest NMR technology

22.03.2019 | Metrology, Metronews, MFC2046, MRI, NMR-ESR

The NMR Magnetic Field Camera MFC2046 is built on the superior sensitivity of the NMR magnetometer PT2026, with a choice of two probe-array geometries.


To map whole-body MRI magnets, the probe array family MFC9046, with a “classic” Metrolab design, supports a DSV up to 500 mm. This family now also supports smaller probe arrays such as, but not limited to, a 14-probe array in a 160 mm bore, suitable for small animal or extremity MRI magnets. Custom designs can be manufactured upon request.


The all-new MFC9146 family of probe arrays supports magnet bores as small as 40 mm. They map a cylinder by rotating two lines of probes around its center line.

Metrolab’s new generation of Magnetic Field Cameras is based on the very precise pulsed-wave NMR technology, with a best-case resolution of 10 ppb in fields ranging from 200 mT to greater than 25 T.

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