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Metrolab Technology SA

We are the global market leader for precision magnetometers. With Metrolab, you measure magnetic fields with Swiss precision.

PT2026 Ultra-precision NMR magnetometers: the gold standard based on pulsed-NMR sensors, with a measuring range of 0.038T to >30 T.

THM1176 and TFM1186 Three-axis Hall and fluxgate magnetometers: ultra-compact and easy-to-use instruments to measure and map all three components of a magnetic field.

MFC2046 New generation of Magnetic Field Camera based on pulsed-NMR sensors.

MFC9146 Small-bore NMR probe arrays: a new method to map NMR spectroscopy magnets.

MFC9046 NMR probe arrays: the traditional method to map any MRI magnet for whole-body, extremity and pre-clinical applications.

FDI2056 High-precision, high-speed digital integrators: fluxmeters to measure or map complicated fields.

PM1055 Calibration magnets: compact permanent magnets featuring a large opening, high field uniformity, and temperature compensation.

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With its many advantages including improved precision, high fields, inhomogeneous fields, rapid measurement and shorter search time, the PT2026 NMR magnetometer opens a host of new application areas.


Introduced 25 years ago, Metrolab’s NMR magnetic field cameras revolutionized field mapping for MRI magnets. Our cameras reduced acquisition times from hours to minutes, positioning errors to a fraction of a millimetre, and rendered negligible human and drift errors.


Its 3-axis capability, compact form, small active volume and simple programmability make the THM1176 the ideal magnetometer for field mapping. It is particularly useful in determining the 5 Gauss line during MRI installation and in systematically mapping an entire volume with its sophisticated 3-axis field-mapping jig.

About Metrolab

Established in 1985, Metrolab Technology SA is a Swiss company based in Geneva. We are the global market leader for the development and manufacture of precision magnetometers, which are used to measure high-intensity magnetic fields to a very high degree of precision.