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Custom & Private-Label

Metrolab technology is not always sold under the Metrolab label – and we’re proud of it! Our full range of magnetic measurement technologies is available for integration into your products. Our expertise can help you optimise performance and get to market quickly.

From OEM to private-label

Metrolab has years of experience working with third-party manufacturers. At the simplest level, one of our standard products can be integrated into yours. If needed, we are happy to make modifications or even a custom design to better adapt to your needs. In the extreme case, we can produce the entire product, under your label. In all cases, you benefit from Metrolab expertise, quality and flexibility.


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Metrolab is espacially know for their precision NMR teslameters


The Hall effect is the most common method for measuring medium to high fields, for a wide range of applications


Metrolab has historically been especially known for its integrators, primarily in the accelerator world.


Fluxgate magnetometers evolved during the second World War as a means of detecting submarines