Announcing the Hall Magnetic Camera HMC9076


The Hall Magnetic Camera HMC9076 is a platform for building semi-custom magnetic-field mapping systems.

The key system features are:
- Multiple Hall sensors provide high-precision, simultaneous 3-axis field measurements at multiple points.
- USB provides both system power and data communication.
- An optional thermal sensor allows for temperature compensation or regulation.
- An optional low-noise voltage regulator provides optimal measurement stability.
- Firmware and an associated software API provide straightforward and flexible software control.

The platform consists of:

- Magnetic field sensors: MagVectorTM MV2
- Microprocessor: Silicon Labs C8051F380
- Voltage regulator: Texas Instruments REG102
- Temperature sensor: Texas Instruments LM71CIMF

- Write and read SPI data to/from selected device
- Synchronise acquisitions
- Loop-back test of USB communication
- Retrieve hardware/firmware versions
- Get device information
- Read or write arbitrary data, e.g. calibration tables, to ROM

- LabVIEW API to access all firmware features
- MagVector MV2 register access
- Programming examples

For more information, please see:
Hall Magnetic Camera HMC9076 User's Manual
Presentation for the Magnetics 2017 Conference: 3-Axis Magnetometer on a Chip
- Presentation for the Magnetics 2018 Conference: Building Your Magnetic Field Mapper with LEGO