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20.11.2010 | Archives, Metronews

As professor at the Geneva School of Engineering, I consulted for local companies in the development of signal processing hardware and algorithms. This allowed me to work on a variety of projects, but always on a small portion; I was able to share the joy of a finished product only vicariously. Among my clients was Metrolab, who confided the prototyping of the digital portion of a new instrument to our team. After several years of collaboration, the desire to participate in an industrial project from A to Z made me jump at the proffered opportunity to join the company. In the intervening three years, I’ve participated in the birth of the THM1176, and I eagerly look forward to the delivery of the PT2026. For the future, I assure you that our notebooks are overflowing with projects, each more fascinating than the previous. Ensuring that at least a few of these products arrive in your lab is my greatest motivation.

Jacques Tinembart, Metrolab Senior Engineer

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