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Metrolab is the global market leader for precision magnetometers, used to very precisely measure strong magnetic fields. Over the past 30 years, we have won the trust of MRI manufacturers and physics laboratories across the world.

Our offer incorporates mastery of precision magnetic field measurement, understanding of magnet systems applications, a passion for industrial quality, and the responsiveness of a small company.

Metrolab invests approximately 15% of turnover and 40% of labor hours in R&D, double the rate of other mature high-tech industries. We master the entire value chain, from product conception to fabrication, to worldwide distribution and after-sales support.

Most of all, we think "beyond the product": our experts are available to help you to find the high-precision, easy-to-use and productive magnetic measurement solution that best corresponds to your application and requirements. We bring to this discussion an understanding of your environment, your needs as a scientist, and your industrial constraints.

To respond to very particular needs, we are prepared to join forces with you to – once again – create an innovative new product.


Pascal Sommer, Technical and R&D Manager

Before co-founding Metrolab in 1985, Pascal was project manager for a polarized ion source and experimental controls engineer at the CERN. He holds a Master in electrical engineering.


Philip Keller, Marketing and Product Manager

Before joining Metrolab in 2003, Philip worked as senior manager in Ascom, as a researcher in ultrasound medical imaging, and for Microsoft, Boeing, and several start-up companies. He holds Master degrees in Physics and International Management.


Claude Thabuis, Sales and Production Manager

After several temporary assignments with Metrolab, Claude joined the staff on a permanent basis in 2003. He holds Master degrees in Applied Physics and Instrumentation as well as Business Administration.


David Overney, Manufacturing Manager

Before becoming production manager in 2001, David worked in electronic production at Metrolab, LEM and LeCroy. He holds a degree in electronics technology.


Jacques Tinembart, Senior Engineer

Before joining Metrolab in 2007, Jacques was professor at the Geneva School of Engineering, where he taught hardware design. He holds a Master degree in Electrical Engineering / Ingénieur EPF.

The needs of several thousand different clients have resulted in a product catalogue that since our founding in 1985 has grown to include over a hundred items. We offer a range of single-point magnetometers, differentiated by field strength, precision, and other features. Our catalogue also includes multi-point magnetic field mapping systems – in fact, Metrolab is a pioneer of high-precision magnetic field mapping. Finally, we offer a line of reference-quality permanent magnets.
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We develop and maintain our unique expertise through an international network of scientific consultants and academic collaborations, for example with the Swiss Polytechnic University in Lausanne (EPFL), the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), and the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN).

Metrolab's rich history can barely be summarised with a few dates. We'll try anyway:
• 1985: Foundation of Metrolab Instruments SA. Introduction of the continuous-wave NMR Precision Teslameter PT2020.
• 1987: Launch of the NMR Precision Teslameter PT2025, an evolution of the PT2020.
• 1990: Introduction of a legendary fluxmeter: the Precision Digital Integrator PDI5025.
• 1993: First step in the world of precision field mapping, with our first Magnetic Field Camera MFC3035.
• 1995: Introduction of our first Three-axis Hall Magnetometer THM7025: a third measurement technology enters our portfolio.
• 1998: The Magnetic Field Camera MFC3045 replaces the MFC3035.
• 2008: Introduction of a new generation of Three-axis Hall Magnetometers: the THM1176 family.
• 2009: Launch of Fast Digital Integrator FDI2056, 100 times faster and more precise, but with backwards compatibility with the PDI5025.
• 2012: Transfer of ownership to new management team, as Metrolab Technology SA.
• 2014: Launch of PT2026, a new generation of pulsed-mode NMR magnetometers with unprecedented resolution and field measurement range.




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