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2018 Conference Schedule

Come see us at one of the following conferences:


Magnetics 2018 Conference

February 8-9, Orlando, FL, USA

Metrolab representative: Philip Keller

Talk Philip Keller : Philip will be presenting a talk on February 8 at 13:45 (Session Room B):

Building Your Magnetic Field Mapper with LEGO

We will present a prototype of a modular, easily reconfigurable system for mapping magnetic fields. The basic module is a LEGO-compatible “brick,” based on a recently introduced 3-axis digital “magnetometer on a chip.” Multiple bricks are assembled with LEGO, providing a flexible, inexpensive and accurate mechanical framework. A USB “super-hub” provides communication as well as synchronization of the acquisition. A user-friendly program allows the user to enter the coordinates of the bricks, launch the acquisition and display the resulting field map.

We'll be at the booth of our US distributor, GMW Associates.


IEEE International Magnetics Conference

April 23-27, Singapore

Metrolab representative: Jacques Tinembart


9th International Particle Accelerator Conference

April 29-May 4, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Metrolab representative: Philip Keller


Coil Winding, Insulation and  Electrical Manufacturing Exhibition and Conference

June 19-21, Berlin, Germany

Metrolab representative: Simon Tellier


International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine - European Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and Biology

June 16-21, Paris, France

Metrolab representative: Claude Thabuis

IMEKO XXII World Congress

International Measurement Confederation

September 3-6, Belfast, UK

Metrolab representative: Sébastien Benz

Coiltech 2018

Coiltech International Coil Winding Expo and Conference

September 26-27, Pordenone, Italy

Metrolab representative:

ASC 2018

Applied Superconductivity Conference

October 28-November 2, Seattle, WA, USA

Metrolab representative: Philip Keller



2018 Conference Schedule

2018 Conference Schedule

THM1176 Software: simplified AC analysis

THM1176 Software: simplified AC analysis

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